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In 1900 (26th year of Guangxu), the governor of Guangdong and Guangdong Provinces, Deshou, and Li Hongzhang, the former governor of Guangdong and Guangdong Provinces, agreed to imitate the Hong Kong bronze fairy casting mechanism, which was better cast than the square-hole bronze coin, and the market was happy to use and circulated smoothly. In the following year, the Qing government decreed that the provinces along the river and coast were permitted to imitate. Later, all over the country started casting copper coins. This bronze coin is "Xuan Tong, three years, fifty silver coins." The front bead circle is cast with the words "twenty characters" inside, the left and the right with the words "wheat ears interlining", the upper edge with the words "three years of Xuantong", the left and right with ornaments, the lower edge with the words "fifty silver coins for a circle"; the back with the center of the bead circle is a dragon chart, and the outer bead circle with the words "bronze coins of Daqing". "Daqing Copper coin" is one of the ten famous pieces of modern Chinese machine-made coins. In recent years, it has become a favorite in the collection circle. The media has been stirring up a great deal of speculation, and it will cost millions of dollars. This Qing copper coin is elegantly designed, well carved, and naturally coated with pulp. It can be seen that the traces of the circulation of the years are still well preserved. It is not easy. And this coin is scarce in the world. It is known as a fine coin and has an inestimable academic and historical value.



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